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Our Services

Successful Salesforce Partners...

Differentiate from other Salesforce Partners

We assess your company’s strength to maximize your differentiation in the Salesforce Partner landscape.  


We believe every company should have an industry vertical specialty with at least two sub-verticals. This approach has been proven to accelerate new customer acquisition and ensure long term customer loyalty.

Know how to navigate the Salesforce partner program

We know the Salesforce landscape.

Let Kokua help guide you.

The Salesforce Partner Program can be complex. But it is well worth the effort to maximize your Partner Program because if you do, it will improve your credibility within the Salesforce ecosystem. This crucial step will accelerate your advancement to Partner tiers and drive Salesforce industry Go to Market.

Optimize brand & engagement with Salesforce ecosystem

We optimize your brand & engagement with Salesforce. 

After completing an assessment and envisioning session, you'll walk away with defined target customer profiles, identified personas & developed value propositions. We will create your Marketing Strategy, which includes execution planning with the goal of meeting your company’s goals, budget, resources.

Drive awareness within the Salesforce ecosystem

We help your message resonate with the right Salesforce distribution teams. 

After completing the optimization step, you are ready to align with Salesforce industry verticals. Salesforce has a large sales team and we need to focus on specific industry teams. With over 10,000 sales reps, we recommend that partners utilize their marketing messaging and branding to connect with the correct distribution team. To bring credibility you will have industry vertical relevant customer stories, blogs, & thought leadership. If the alignment and branding is accurate, your messaging will resonate with the Salesforce distribution (Sales) teams.  

Kokua Customer Engagement Process

How we engage with Partners:

Gap Analysis

Define your options


Provide 1:1 Coaching

Fire & Launch

Iterate based on insights from action plan


Who are you?

What are you doing?

Where do you want to go?


Opportunities, Conditons, Capacity for Change

Prescriptive Plan

Jointly Develop specific action plans


Provide Accountability with Metrics

Kokua seeks to thoroughly understand and define your Salesforce opportunity.

Through our proprietary Kokua Customer Engagement process, we help our clients become successful Salesforce Partners by:


  • Define Your Compelling Value Proposition

  • Optimize the Salesforce Partner Program

  • Earn Referral Leads from Salesforce

  • Effectively Co-sell with Salesforce ​


Find out how we can help guide you through the Salesforce Partnership Program!

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